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[Expo] Dabeeo participated in the largest ICT exhibition in Korea, ‘World IT Show’

2024-04-25 조회수 1797


Dabeeo participated in the largest domestic IT exhibition, 'World IT Show',

which shares the latest technological trends and future trends in the ICT industry.🤗 


Hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy,

this year marked the 16th edition of the event, which took place at COEX for three days starting from the 17th.👏

Under the theme 'Innovation in Everyday Life Created by AI', major ICT companies in Korea showcased AI-based

innovative technologies. The event attracted significant attention from the industry, with the first day alone recording

a historically large number of visitors, reaching 15,748.



Fueled by this industry enthusiasm, Dabeeo's booth was busier than ever this year. Compared to the previous year, significantly more people visited the booth, showing interest and making inquiries

about Dabeeo's various businesses and services.😉 


Through this event, Dabeeo showcased various business opportunities and cases utilizing spatial information,

such as urban change detection, Farm monitoring, surveillance/reconnaissance, climate impact analysis,

digital space data production, mobile location-based services, and digital displays,

based on its proprietary AI technology.



✨ The World IT Show provided a significant opportunity for Dabeeo to introduce both

GeoIntelligence and GeoSpatial (Dabeeo Studio, QR.here, DID), making it the only major exhibition in Korea

where Dabeeo could present all its services simultaneously.

The event facilitated on-site consultations with various companies and institutions across all service sectors

provided by Dabeeo. Moving forward, we plan to continue business meetings to secure new customers

and explore new business opportunities.


We express our gratitude to the many visitors who visited the Dabeeo booth and assure you that

we will strive to be an innovative company that continuously improves and develops

by incorporating the various opinions and needs shared on-site.🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️


Join Dabeeo on the path to becoming a global leader.