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and Interpreting
the Earth

Our Vision

Digitalizing spatial information
adds benefits to our daily life

Our Vision

Using spatial data around us,
you can enrich your daily experience
and prepare for the future.

Through new technology that makes the future more valuable
and the sharing of that technology, we will add benefits
to everyone's daily life and move
towards the world everyone dreams of.

0 Places

Digitalizing 286 large and small areas
make everyone can walk freely.

0 sqkm Digitizing

Digitalizing and analyzing large spatial data of
205,644 square kilometers for various applications.

0 Industries

Dabeeo’s technology provides solutions
to 15 industries.


Our Product 01


Generate insightful information through
Dabeeo's image deep learning technology, INTELLIGENCE.
Provide insights for space planning and future prediction
based on the latest reliable information.

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Our Product 02


Dabeeo’s digital map can express all the spaces around us.
Achieve the best location-based Services
by using customized digital maps
that can be used indoors and outdoors.

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Our Product 03


Dabeeo’s technology is optimized for the areas that
require extensive spatial analysis and data extraction.
Utilize Dabeeo's AI and image deep learning technologies
to gain insights for your company.

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Our Product 04


STUDIO is a SaaS-based platform
that can build/edit/maintain MAPS data easily and quickly.
Various STUDIO functions enable the retention
of the most recent spatial data more effectively.

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Our Product 05


Dabeeo offers built-ready apps for clients
who want immediate deployment of the MAPS.
Visitors can experience an environment space
more richly through interaction with various digital devices
operating Dabeeo MAPS.

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Reduce data
analytics costs

Reduce the cost of analyzing
spatial data dramatically.

maintenance costs

Dabeeo provides a centralized system
that can
effectively manage spatial information
on the
Web, App, and Kiosks and helps significantly
system management costs.

Reduce the
monitoring time

Dabeeo’s technology reduces the 4 to 5 months
tasks of monitoring the ecological environment
to just two hours.

Reduce cost
Reduce cost
Reduce time

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