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Dabeeo and Kencoa Aviation signed MOU for innovation in the future UAM sector

2023-11-13 조회수 723


| The first step towards accelerating Urban Air Mobility(UAM) for next generation mobility.

| Emphasis on technological collaboration leading innovation in the UAM sector, including AI based 3D spatial data provision


Spatial information AI technology company Dabeeo announced on the 13th that it has agreed to lead the field of Urban Air Mobility(UAM) by signing a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with Kencoa Aviation on November 10.

Urban Air Mobility(UAM) is a city transportation system that uses aircraft to transport people and cargo, maximizing urban mobility efficiency by utilizing the sky as a new transportation corridor. Recognizing the importance of this field, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has been promoting related projects by establishing the ‘Urban Air Mobility Civil-Military Association(UAM Team Korea)’ in 2020 to swiftly realize UAM.

Kencoa Aviation is an affiliate of Kencoa Aerospace, providing innovative technology in the aerospace industry and actively pursuing business in the UAM sector. The goal of the UAM project is to provide innovative solutions to efficiently move through urban airspace and solve traffic congestion issues.

Dabeeo will provide technical support for Kencoa Aviation’s UAM-based business activation. Leveraging its proprietary artificial intelligence spatial information technology, Dabeeo will detect rapid changes in the city, maintain up-to-date information, and provide this information in the form of 3D spatial data to advance the visualization of the UAM project.

With this MOU, technology exchange and joint project development between the two companies are planned, and it is expected to present innovative mobility services. This is anticipated to accelerate the development and innovation of the future industry of Urban Air Mobility(UAM).


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