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Dabeeo, Selected as 1st investment company for Defense Fund created by LIG Nex1, accelerating business expansion in defense sector

2024-03-28 조회수 2964


Spatial information AI technology company Dabeeo announced that it has been selected as the 1st investment company for the "Defense Innovation Technology Investment Consortium No.1(hereinafter referred to as the Defense Innovation Fund)" created by the Military Mutual Aid Association, IBK Capital, and LIG Nex1. 


Through this selection, Dabeeo has secured a total investment of 8 billion won, including investment from the Defense Innovation Fund, which also includes investments from Hi Investment Partners, Harang Investment, and Gentium Partners, as part of its recent Series B bridge round.


The selection of Dabeeo as the 1st investment company for the Defense Innovation Fund, which accounts for over 60% of the total investment raised, carries significant implications. It reflects industry expectations and trust in Dabeeo's technological capabilities, following its recognition as a "Defense Innovation Company '' in the defense project organized by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration last year. This recognition underscores the industry's anticipation that Dabeeo's technical expertise will play a crucial role in the defense sector in the future.


Dabeeo possesses advanced AI technology to convert multi-source imagery such as satellite, aviation, and drone data into high-resolution images. It then detects objects, detects changes over time, and analyzes and digitizes various scenarios. It is anticipated that Dabeeo's AI-based spatial information analysis technology will play a key role in quickly detecting and responding to future battlefield situations.


Amidst heightened international tensions and global security concerns, innovation in the defense sector has emerged as one of the most critical issues at the national level. Dabeeo's successful fundraising for the Defense Innovation Fund is expected to serve as a significant catalyst driving business acceleration and outward expansion in line with this trend.


Dabeeo plans to further expand its business scope beyond the artificial intelligence-based spatial information construction market through strategic international investments, aiming to become globally competitive in the global spatial analysis market(including spatial analysis, forest change analysis, climate impact analysis, and surveillance).


Park Ju Hum, CEO of Dabeeo, stated, "The selection of Dabeeo as the 1st company for the Defense Innovation Fund demonstrates the industry's expectations for Dabeeo." He further expressed his ambition, saying, "Dabeeo will strive to become a leading company in the defense industry in the future" and pledged to "take the lead in technological innovation for the leap of the defense industry and contribute to the globalization of K-defense."



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