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Dabeeo Launches a Next-Generation QR.here Tourism Digital Map Service

2023-11-23 조회수 1165

Dabeeo, a company specializing in geospatial data construction based on artificial intelligence technology, is expanding its geospatial information services to the public in the US. Recently, Dabeeo announced its collaboration with the Hawai‘i Tourism Korea to provide optimized QR.here tourism digital map services to tourists visiting Hawai‘i.


Hawai‘i is a popular destination for tourists, attracting many visitors every year. Tourists in Hawai‘i can access the latest tourism information carefully selected by Hawai‘i Tourism Korea via Dabeeo's QR.here tourism digital map (http://bit.ly/waikikikoreanmap) on their mobile devices, making it more convenient and easily accessible for free.


Dabeeo QR.here Digital Tour Map Service (bit.ly/waikikikoreanmap)


The Hawai‘i Tourism Korea and Dabeeo have launched a Korean-language QR.here map service, primarily focusing on the Waikīkī area on O‘ahu, which is the most visited location by Koreans. With this service, users can explore routes to specific tourist spots based on their current location and access travel information by clicking on each spot provided by the Hawai‘i Tourism Korea. Furthermore, Dabeeo has integrated its 3D technology for five popular spots, including Ala Moana Center, Royal Hawaiian Center, International Market Place, and Diamond Head, offering users a more vivid and immersive preview of these locations.


Dabeeo CEO Juhum Park has revealed plans to provide optimized geospatial information services tailored to various regions by launching Dabeeo's QR.here digital tourism map service in the US. The company aims to further enhance the QR.here location-based digital map services in the future. This initiative is expected to give tourists a better understanding of the local attractions, cultural uniqueness, and opportunities for special experiences.


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