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Location-based services converged with geospatial information technologies.


This is an application services of MAPS
to provide a rich customer experience.

Dabeeo provides a Turn Key Solution to customers for immediate access to MAPS data. Your visitors will experience your premises more conveniently through our services.


Check out the services prepared to take advantage of MAPS right away.

Digital signage

Provide FULL PACKAGE service from the digital map to digital signage.
Provide a centralized management system for customers and administrators to operate spatial information effectively.

  • Facility information and location guidance
  • Remote control
  • Content
  • DATA analysis
    and statistics
  • Ads targeting
    and operation
Directory map

The perfect solution for short-term events such as exhibitions.
Make spaces familiar with essential features such as search POIs and wayfinding.
Manage the space more efficiently while providing a convenient tool to your visitors.

  • Exclusive theme map for exhibitions
  • Booth and location information
  • QR code
  • User

QR.here service is the most cost-efficient way to find geospatial information around you quickly.
Provides location-based services allowing users to access the information they need without installing applications. Try our QR-based service that can easily help you.

  • QR code-based web browser service
  • Custom
    theme map
  • Place search
    and location guidance
  • User
  • Targeting advertisement
    and operation
Dabeeo Services

Do you have any spatial information service that you are looking for?
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