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[Expo] News from the world's largest Geo Intelligence event, 'GEOINT 2024'

2024-05-16 조회수 824


The 'GEOINT 2024 Symposium,' where top industry experts, government officials, and military personnel

from around the world gather, began on May 5th and concluded successfully after four days.🤗 


Under the theme 'Essential in All Dimensions and Domains,' the symposium delved into various aspects of essential

spatial/geographical information across all dimensions and domains. It provided a platform to explore diverse ways

in which the industry optimizes decision-making in rapidly evolving technological and geospatial environments.


Covering all aspects of GEOINT that shape our world, from space to the deep sea, from cyberspace

to urban environments, the event facilitated valuable exchanges and tangible dialogues among influential experts

and decision-makers from various countries.👏👏👏



✨ Dabeeo, equipped with advanced AI-based Geo Intelligence & Geo Spatial technologies, participated in the event

to showcase its technological expertise to a diverse audience of customers and experts from various industries worldwide.

Particularly, surveillance and reconnaissance utilizing ground object detection and change detection technology,

such as illegal ship detection, and urban change detection like illegal building detection,

drew significant attention from defense officials. 


Numerous stakeholders from around the world visited the booths during the event period. Following on-site consultations,

ongoing communication is being maintained to exchange more concrete ideas. We look forward to embracing various possibilities

for global business expansion following this event.😉 


Join Dabeeo on the path to becoming a global leader.