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[Expo] Dabeeo, A Defense Innovation Company, participates in InLEX KOREA 2024

2024-06-20 조회수 287


Dabeeo in InLEX KOREA 2024


Dabeeo participated for the first time this year in InLEX KOREA 2024,

attended by the nation's top experts from the civilian, government, and military sectors.🫡

✔️ InLEX KOREA 2024 (Innovative Logistics and Defense Conference & Exhibition 2024)
✔️June 17-19, 2024, at Daejeon Convention Center (DCC)



This significant event, which brings together military and government officials, as well as industry leaders,

provides invaluable insights into technological trends and strategic developments in the defense sector.

The Korean defense industry has been experiencing rapid growth and gaining global attention,

a trend that was clearly evident at the exhibition.

The importance of AI is increasing in the defense industry as well.

In this context, Dabeeo, which has been providing insights across various industries

by analyzing and digitizing spaces on Earth using its AI technology,

has joined this year's event to strengthen its role in the defense market and seek new opportunities.



At InLEX KOREA 2024, Dabeeo showcased its core 🌍Geo Intelligence technologies, including Super Resolution,

Object Detection, Instance Segmentation, Change Detection and 3D reconstruction

through its proprietary platform Dabeeo Eartheye.


Dabeeo proposed various innovative solutions in the defense industry, demonstrating a range of technologies utilized.

From terrain analysis to surveillance and reconnaissance based on change detection,

and the establishment of 3D future battlefield environments,

 Dabeeo's AI-based innovative technologies enable effective decision-making and pre-simulation in diverse scenarios. 





Last year, Dabeeo was honored to be selected as one of the

'Top 100 Defense Innovation Companies' due to its advanced AI technology.

Earlier this year, Dabeeo also chosen for investment

by LIG Nex1's 'Defense Innovation New Technology Investment Association No. 1.'


Dabeeo’s booth attracted significant interest from officials eager to explore the potential of our solutions,

which have been recognized as applicable to real military operations.

It was a rewarding experience to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange ideas with numerous visitors.

Dabeeo remains committed to leading technological innovation in the defense sector,

contributing to Korea's goal of becoming a global defense powerhouse.

We look forward to your continued support and enthusiasm! 👏👏



[Press Release]

🔗Selected as Top 100 Defense Innovation Company
🔗Selected for Investment by LIG Nex1's Defense Fund No. 1



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