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Dabeeo partners with Airbus to strengthen Global Satellite Imaging Analysis Business

2023-12-12 조회수 1973


Dabeeo, a spatial information AI technology company, announced on the 12th that it has officially signed a partnership with Airbus, an aircraft manufacturer and satellite imagery provider. Following last year's partnership with Maxar Technologies, the collaboration with Airbus strengthens Dabeeo's position in satellite image analysis by enhancing its cooperation with major international satellite imagery suppliers.


The collaboration between Dabeeo and Airbus dates back to 2018. Airbus, which owns the world's highest resolution satellite with a pixel size of 30cm, has provided imagery to Dabeeo. Based on this, Dabeeo has developed AI models for satellite image analysis. Airbus has continuously provided feedback on the performance of Dabeeo's AI models, contributing significantly to Dabeeo's rise in the global field of spatial information AI. The official partnership agreement between Dabeeo and Airbus is expected to further strengthen their collaboration, providing a solid foundation for Dabeeo to become a leading player in the analysis and utilization of satellite image data globally.


Dabeeo's ability to enhance collaboration with global satellite image providers, such as Airbus, is supported by its distinctive technologies. In particular, Dabeeo possesses "Super Resolution" technology, which improves the image quality to high resolution. Satellite images often have lower resolution compared to aerial or drone footage due to being captured from high altitudes. However, the wide coverage of satellites allows for rapid imaging of large areas. By using super-resolution technology to enhance satellite image resolution, Dabeeo can significantly improve its competitiveness. The application of Dabeeo's super resolution technology not only enhances the value of satellite images but also expands their range of applications.


Dabeeo provides tailored analysis data in various fields, including detection of illegal constructions in cities, estimation of carbon sequestration through forest monitoring, and reconnaissance of aircraft and ships for national defense and security. Recently, Dabeeo has developed technology to directly convert 2D satellite images into 3D models, contributing to substantial business growth. Moreover, the company is expanding its business market beyond Korea to countries such as the United States, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


Dabeeo's CEO, Park Ju Hum, stated, "The partnership with Airbus will drive explosive growth in Dabeeo's core business area of Geo-Intelligence, promoting global business expansion." He also hinted at closer cooperation between the two companies in the future.



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