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Dabeeo, Providing indoor map data to Kakao... Finding store locations inside shopping malls with KakaoMap

2024-01-31 조회수 1838

Dabeeo, a spatial information AI technology company, has reportedly supplied indoor
map data for major retail spaces nationwide, including well-known shopping malls and
multiplexes, to Kakao for the construction of indoor map services within KakaoMap. This
collaboration allows customers to easily access indoor spatial information such as store
layouts, which was previously only available through shopping mall websites or dedicated
kiosks, now also on KakaoMap.


The number of maps provided by Dabeeo this time reaches over 100 nationwide,
covering major retailers including the top three domestic distribution companies,
department stores, and outlets. Beyond the one-time provision of map data, Dabeeo and
Kakao have established a periodic synchronization system. This enables customers
looking for specific buildings to utilize KakaoMap for real-time, information-based store
location services.


For department stores and shopping malls, frequent occurrences of store openings,
closures, and relocations necessitate the regular updating of spatial information, posing a
challenge. Major domestic retailers, including the top three, are addressing this difficulty
through "Dabeeo Studio," utilizing various editing features to easily update spatial
information. The real-time distribution feature for changes ensures that customers
searching for stores always have access to the latest information. Based on this, Dabeeo
maintains its position as the leader in indoor map data market share in the domestic
retail sector.


Dabeeo CEO Park Ju Hum expressed his expectation, stating, "Through collaboration with
Kakao, we hope that more people will conveniently experience spatial information
services and use them more diversely in their daily lives." He added, "We will continue to
enhance our indoor map-related technological capabilities in the future." Dabeeo plans to
expand its offering scope to various areas such as exhibitions, tourism, and hospitals in
the future.


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