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Dabeeo Leads Innovation in High-Density Electronic Map Project at National Geographic Information Institute with AI Change Detection Technology

2024-02-20 조회수 1458


Spatial information AI technology company Dabeeo announced its exclusive participation as an AI corporation company in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's National Geographic Information Institute's pilot project for "1:1000 Topographic Map Enhancement." This pilot project involves a total of 11 companies and spans four regions: Seoul, Jeju, Yanggu, and Geumsan/Gunwi. Dabeeo is responsible for the Geumsan/Gunwi region, tasked with identifying changes in buildings and roads within the area using AI change detection technology.


The goal of the Geumsan/Gunwi project, in which Dabeeo participates, is to streamline and automate the detailed processes and methodologies of topographic map work, enabling more precise and accurate change detection while saving resources and costs. According to Dabeeo, it is expected that the speed will increase by over 100 times while maintaining accuracy compared to manual work. Consequently, the change detection technology using AI is anticipated to expand further after this pilot project.


Dabeeo has commercialized AI change detection technology related to this field for several years. Notably, it has provided building change detection services in Daejeon over the past three years. Analyzing the trend of changes in endangered species such as abies trees within national parks is also a notable case. With global interest in AI growing, many AI companies are entering the market, but finding actual cases of commercialization is not easy. Therefore, Dabeeo's progress is noteworthy. Dabeeo has been actively participating in various national projects, including being selected as the Defense Innovation Company 100 by the Defence Acquisition Program Administration last year due to its advancement in business performance based on its technological capabilities. 


Park Ju Hum, CEO of Dabeeo, stated, "We will maximize Dabeeo's technological prowess to lead the innovation of the 1:1000 high-density electronic map project led by the National Geographic Information Institute. We also plan to quickly expand into the global market, not limited to Korea." Dabeeo plans to focus on continuous technological advancement to meet diverse needs in the spatial information market by detecting larger areas more rapidly and accurately.



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